The Grande Temple of Jing


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Explore the dungeon home of a trickster god! Jing has been preparing for your arrival. First, he built a temple to himself, a magical labyrinth that he placed somewhere between space and time. Next, he stole countless treasures from commoners and kings, queens and emperors, and even the gods themselves. These he placed in his temple so that visitors could discover and take them. To challenge the bold, he surrounded those treasures with tricks, traps, and an array of deadly monsters – even empowering several of the latter with new abilities. Finally, he sent invitations to heroes everywhere. You are reading one now. Will you accept Jing’s invitation? Are you ready to enter the Grande Temple of Jing?

Featuring more than 60 levels and multiple storylines that can be played separately, or as part of an epic dungeon campaign. Included are special rules so that GMs can easily rearrange the dungeon or add their own content.

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